Detailed Discount Eligibility Criteria

Note: Our goal is for everyone who comes to our site to be able to take advantage of our 50% discount. The following criteria we have set up is just to make things “fair” so we don’t lose our shirt. Nearly 99% of those who apply, are approved for the discount. This may mean us taking a loss on some customers as word of mouth in spreading our offering is more important than making a profit off of every customer. That said, here is our detailed criteria for eligibility.

Must currently have a subscription with a full service Email Marketing Provider (eg. ConstantContact, MailChimp, iContact).

The list(s) you intend to use with us are from the above active subscription.

You must be on a plan based on number of subscribers or based on both number of subscribers and sends (If you are paying based just on number of emails sent, please speak with us about this).

Service providers that only provide the front end software and use a 3rd party to send the emails do not count as full-service Email Marketing Providers.

When we run your campaigns we should expect to see similar stats that you initially shared with us. This is to prevent a user from "slipping in" a bad list. If you try to use a different list than you showed us your stats from and it is a “bad list”, we will suspend your service and give you a prorated or no refund.

If you are currently paying over $1,000 monthly we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cut your cost in half but we will do our best to give you a great discount.

If what you are paying to your current provider is significantly different than what they list on their website we will not guarantee that we will be able to cut your cost in half but we will do our best and have not failed to do so yet.